After the Tour de France riders had their first Time Trial it was the turn of the pros to take to the start in Bruton. Appropriately, 13 riders took to the start of the 13th round of the series on the lumpy Bruton 19 mile course.

Junior Bradley Perkins was fastest on the day (48:15) ahead of Jerry Rayner, Vince Hounsome and Roger Biles. Bradley was also fastest non-aero rider ahead of Gary Francis and Geoff Percival. Angie Barlow held off the challenge from Olive Holliday to be quickest lady rider.

As usual, a big thank you to the volunteers who make the event possible, but in particular, Mary Emerson-Read. Our thoughts are with you Mary.

Next week it is back to Gillingham for the 10 mile course.

Results, Times and Standings
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