This week’s round of the 2021 Series sees the annual visit to the Kilmington 10 mile course with the finish at the top of Kingsettle Hill. Riders will need to make a decision between using a TT rig or a road bike. Sign on is at 6.30 pm at the Home Guard Club, Kilmington Common BA12 6QY, and the first rider will start at 7.00 pm. Riders must be at the start at least one minute before their start time!

Following a formal complaint from the Police last week, riders are reminded that they MUST follow the Highway Code at all times and respect other road users. Failure to do so will result is disqualification.

Riders must also comply with Cycling Time Trial’s Covid Guidelines which can be found on the Time Trialling section of our website, and full details of the course can also be found on the website.

At sign on please comply with the one way system and ensure you remain socially distanced. Entry fees must be paid by card or by phone – no cash! Once you have signed on you should leave the sign on area to undertake your warm up.

Whilst there is no restriction on the number of entrants, it is essential that the public perception of these events is a positive one!

Please also remember that it is a CTT requirement that you have a working rear light on your bike which should be switched on whilst riding.

Entry fees are: £4.00 for GDW members, £3.50 for GDW members aged 16 & under, £5.00 for non-members. Remember, phone or card payment only, no cash!

Remember that there is also a non-Aero category, and to qualify for this you must comply with all the following, and indicate this on your entry:- no TT bars, no TT helmets, no overshoes, no skinsuits, no wheels deeper than 35 mm.