The Committee wish all members a Happy New Year and look forward to better times ahead.

The situation as we enter 2021, coupled with the fact that we are sited on the borders of three counties, and therefore three different Tier Areas (Dorset & Wiltshire in Tier 3, Somerset in Tier 4), creates additional issues in relationship to group riding. Our hope is that members will continue to ride safely and responsibly in line with the rules and regulations issued by the Government and British Cycling.

As a reminder:

Tier 3 Residents: You should only ride with other people from your Tier Area in groups of up to 6. (ie Dorset residents can ride together, but not with Wiltshire residents).

You must not enter a Tier 4 Area (ie Somerset), but may ride through another Tier 3 Area, but must not stop in that other Tier Area.

Tier 4 Residents: You can only ride with other members of your household, or one other person living in your Tier Area. You must not leave your Tier Area.

We hope that these will only be temporary measures, and when the weather allows, the Saturday Group rides will continue for those members who live in Dorset, in accordance with the guidance that has been issued.

Those members living in Somerset and Wiltshire are welcome and encouraged to consider using the Club’s Facebook pages to find riding buddies.

The following link is to the guidance issued by British Cycling which is updated regularly:

Obviously, the situation is continually changing and so too the guidance issued by Government and British Cycling and hopefully we can all be riding together again in the not too distant future.