The 2023 Gillingham Wheelers Time Trial Series is coming soon – with the first event scheduled to start on Wednesday 29th March 2022 on the 6 mile Milton on Stour course, details on the first round to follow shortly….

There are 25 events scheduled of which 23 will count towards the Club Championship, and a rider’s best 12 results will count towards their overall position. There is also a Try-a-TT scheduled for Wednesday 17th May, and a 2-Up event towards the end of the season.

This season the “non-aero” category is being changed to “road bike” in line with Cycling Time Trial’s definition of a road bike, with the main notable change being that deeper wheels are now allowed – “The road bike can possess drop or straight handlebars; no tri-bars, clip-on bars or Spinacci bars are allowed; no disc wheels; both front & rear wheels must have at least 12 spokes each; the maximum rim depth allowed is 90mm“.

It is a CTT regulation that all riders must have (and use) working front and rear lights and wear helmets. Riders must also obey the Highway Code at all times.

Entry Fees are payable by card or phone (no cash) only and are:

GDW Members: £4-00

GDW Member 16 & under: £3-50

Non-Members: £5-00

Further details can be found on the Time Trial section of the Club ‘s website.