Jane Pritchard won the ladies section of the second round of the EDCA series yesterday.  Jane beat Sarah Woods and Judith Martin with a time of 1.09.08 on the hilly 24 mile course which runs from Wimborne-Horton-Blandford-Wimborne.

Vince Hounsome set a time of 58.43 for 10th, the first time under the hour for him on this course, while James Chant knocked nearly four minutes form his pb with 1.00.29 for 14th.  Don Tanner also competed, finishing one place behind Jane on 1.10.18.
The hillclimb series starts tonight, if you didn’t get Jerome’s email then here it is – 
“Ok folks!! Kick Off happens at 18.30 but signing on happens at the main Mere Car Park near the Doctor’s Surgery at 18.15 please.

Just a couple of points- can we please be safe and avoid any issues. With descending the Hill, can we please not try to impersonate Kamikazee pilots as I’m the one who has to get the shovel out when you get it wrong (I’m a bit squeamish). Also I have crashed at 45mph so you guys don’t have to.
After calmly descending can riders pick up their stuff from the start by going under the A303 bridge and use the Junction to turn around and then ride up to the Start from the Junction. This is to avoid any descending riders from T-Boning the “crossing” rider.”

As well as the hillclimbs starting, the tt series begins on Wednesday on the Stour Provost course, meet at the Todber layby, sign in by 1745 for a 1800 start.  Please remember – no u-turns in the start or finish area and shout your number at the finish.  Also, just to remind everyone, it is the riders’ responsibility to check that the junctions are free from traffic when turning left, so please slow down and LOOK!