John Phillips recently completed his latest solo cycle camping trip, this time crossing Spain from Bilbao in the north to Gibralter in the South.  Apart from a wet first day, the weather was wall-to-wall sun with temperatures in the mid 30’s.  The route went west of Madrid via Salamanca, Merida and Seville with a deviation east to Ronda before heading back west to Gibralter. 

Total distance 813 miles, averaging 71 miles a day.  Longest day a brutal 102 mile climb up from 7m above sea level to over 1200m south of Seville with an enforced night ride over the mountains in the dark due to an unforseen lack of campsite.

Landscape a mix of mountains divided by long flat brown plains.  Roads amazingly well kept but few of them making route finding very easy but frequently dull.

I have the route in Google Earth files if anyone is interested in doing all or part of it in the future.

I flew on Easyjet and had no problems with the bike which was packed simply in a large clear plastic bag (purchased from CTC).  Panniers are taped together to form one bag weighing 20kg to avoid excess baggage charge.  Top tip  -don’t try and take Camping gaz on a plane, they won’t let you (doh!)  Can’t think why I didn’t think of that.

Some photo’s of the trip on the Pictures page