Don’t forget the club AGM is Friday 5th March at 7.30 pm at the North Dorset Rugby Club, Gillingham, followed by a meal at approx 9pm.

AGENDA for the AGM

1.      Apologies for Absence.

2.      Treasurers Report

3.      Membership Fees

4.      Present Officers and Committee. Chairman: John Chambers: General Secretary: Daryol Laws. Open Events Secretary and Special Events Organiser: Carole Miller .

5.      Election of Officers for 2010/11. April 1st to March 30th2011.

6.      Sponsorship Report:  Andy Shaw.

7.      Committee Members: Time Trials Organiser, James Chant, Publicity: John Phillips, Web Site: Mike Smith. Membership Secretary and Time trials, Timekeepers, Mary and Dennis Asplen. Treasurer: Sarah Roberts. Other members: John Holman, Simon Barfoot,

8.      Any Other Business: