The forecast for Sat looks reasonable and should be sunny, at the moment there are 2 routes to choose from. Both routes head out to East Stour to take in part of Sundays road race course, up through Shaftesbury to Melbury Abbas and the infamous Spread-eagle hill, past Compton Abbas airfield and on to the Gussages and Wimborne St Giles before heading back via 6D Handley and the Chalk Valley and picks up part of the RR race back to Gillingham. The Blue route turns at Farnham, goes through Rushmore Park and joins the Pink route near Ludwell. The White route is being planned by David Paton and is now available

Enjoy – Mike the Route

Pink Route
Blue Route
White Route

Please download the route to your navigation device.

Meet at Wheels Car Park, Station Road, Gillingham at 9.00 am