The video man was again out this evening and was located at the top of Kitt Hill, and captured the riders ascending gracefully towards the summit.
This can be found on the Video page here

No background music again, just a rambling commentary.

Charles Rees and Paul Hopkins were, as expected, the fastest pairing on the night, steaming round some 40 seconds below the course record in 21.13, despite a hold up near Guys Marsh.  Vince Hounsome teamed up with junior rider Ashley Martin from the Chippenham Wheelers to finish in second with Andy Parsons and Kim Little in third.
The junior riders got most of the prizes in the handicap, with four juniors in the first three pairs.  Nigel Brown and daughter Rosie made the biggest improvement (-3.21) ahead of Josh Day and Barney Cox (-2.17) and John and Maria Phillips (-2.07)
The rest of the handicap results were –

Andy Parsons/Kim Little       -1.56
Paul Hopkins/Charles Rees   -1.52
Mike Donovan/Shaun Walsh  -1.12
Grahame Reed/Don Tanner   -1.06
James Chant/Emma Bradley -0.50
Ashley Martin/V Hounsome   -0.15
Dave Cox/Chris Mullett          -0.11
Erin/Clare Martin                   +1.02

The overall results can be seen here