This Saturday looks like it will be another cold one but the weathermen are saying there won’t be a frost although there may still be icy patches on the roads so care is needed

The Pink and Blue routes head to Frome, the Pinks via Westbury and the Blues via Crockerton and Longleat. The Pinks then head back via Mells and Nunney and the Blues just via Nunney. I’ve heard that quite a few of the the White group have some ailments so there’s no route for them this week, however if anyone does turn up suggest do the Blue route at the White group pace of 12 mph/ 20 kph..

For those that want a mid ride coffee stop then there are plenty of places in Frome, Pronto bikes have a good cafe, or there are Cafes in Mells or Nunney. Or riders can return to the Old Brewery Cafe and Kitchen.

Meet at 9.30 am at the Wheels car park, Station Road, Gillingham. Please ensure you download your chosen route to your GPS device, and remember to bring your ride essentials, particularly sufficient liquid refreshement.

There is nothing to stop a group splitting into a ‘light’ and a ‘dark’ group, and a slower group can take on a longer route or a faster group ride a shorter route. All rides are no drop rides but please select a group suited to your ability!

Pink Route: 48 miles, 77 km 2700 ft elevation – est speed 28 kph+ / 17.5 mph +

Blue Route: 41 miles, 66 kms, 2500 ft elevation – est speed 24 kph / 15 mph