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CLUB RIDES – Some Reminders!

posted 3 Sep 2018, 07:42 by James Little

 We are trying to up load details of the proposed routes on the Club's Facebook pages in good time ahead of the ride.

If you have a GPS device that allows you to follow the route, then download it, and use it.  Please don’t just rely on others to do this.

 If you have club kit, please wear it on club rides – it is a great way to promote the club.

 If you haven’t joined the club, then once you are on your third (or more) ride we do expect you to become a member. It’s only £15 after all.

 When riding in a group we all have responsibilities to each other:

 If there are more than 12 riders then the group needs to split. The same route can be followed, but we’ll leave 5-10 minutes apart. (Hence the need to download the route to your GPS device!!)

 It is essential that obstacles such as pot holes, bad surfaces, street furniture, parked cars etc are pointed out and / or called out to the group.

 It is also important to remember we are not the only users of the roads and therefore on narrow and twisty sections, ride at a pace and in a manner that enables ALL road users to remain safe.

 We all climb at different paces and groups naturally split going up hill. However, once the top is crested riders should not push on, but roll ahead at a slow pace or find a safe place to wait to let the group reform.

 All riders need to be aware if the group is splitting on the flat. It is not often possible for those on the front to see this happen so those riders around the split need to communicate this. Likewise if there is a mechanical the rest of the group needs to be informed immediately. If you are beginning to get dropped, or starting to find the pace too high, call out to the group.

 If you are regularly trying to ride with a group that is too quick for you, then drop down a level, and build your fitness and speed before rejoining the previous group.

 The expected pace of the different groups is clearly stated on the Club runs page of the GDW website, so if unsure, please have a look:


 Put the phone numbers of a few of the regular riders into your phone. If a split has occurred and you are lost, try phoning someone else in the group so there is an opportunity to all get back together.

 Ultimately, everyone has limited time to get out for longer rides and we should all be able to enjoy our Saturday rides and this is best achieved by riding in the appropriate group and looking out for each other.